We are happy to welcome you to WindSailing – a yacht charter company based in Volos – Greece. We have been sailing Sporades area for decades and can advise and guide you to this lovely part of Greece that any sailing enthusiast should visit.


Our journey starts back in the seventies when sailing was rather a lifestyle than a business.

Captain Rigas

It all started in the early seventies when a group of friends joined the local sailing club and slowly managed to buy a couple of boats to travel the Aegean sea.

Volos Sailing club
SY Nefeli

Now, and almost 50 years later, lots have changed. Sailing boats, that once had plain cabins and where equipped with basic navigation gear and inventory, have changed into spacious luxury yachts that offer a relaxing, fast and safe journey with advanced electronics and leisure features.

Sporades Region

Sporades, once an unknown virgin destination, has become one of the best sailing areas to visit. An island complex with a constant low to medium sailing wind and hundreds of natural unique bays, roots, ports, all wonderful destinations to sail and dock, that still remain pure and hardly overcrowded.

Volos Port

Volos is the biggest port in the Sporades area, offering all kind of boats, with easy access and support.

Nevertheless, the main idea has remained the same. Get on a boat and sail the sea. In the end, all you need is fine company and a well equipped boat to sail and enjoy without worries and problems.

At windsailing – successors of the old sailing club and members of the Volos Yacht Owners Association – we personally own, maintenance and tend to our yachts, in order to provide a top quality yacht, and professional service to our customers.

We make sure are yachts are well equipped and always in perfect condition because we know, being sailors ourselves, the difficulties and needs of chartering a yacht.

We will be happy to help you find a boat that best fit your needs, meet you in person, and guide you to your memorable journey in Sporades.